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Vitra Bathroom range

Modern meets retro

With the Vitra bathroom range, you can enjoy a huge selection of modern bathroom units, as well as retro bath tubs, sinks and more.


With a Vitra bathroom, you can get a truly unique look that complements your personality perfectly.

The Vitra bathroom range

At Preston Plumbing Supplies, we work with Vitra to install their uniquely designed bathrooms in your home.


Whether the simple, classy Layton range takes your fancy, or you'd like the look of a 1960s bathroom with a Retro range installation, we can help.


We can work to any bathroom requirement - so whether you're struggling for space and want to use the Sunrise, Form 300 or Serenada options, or you'd like to kit out your bathroom with the Layton S20 or S50 range, give us a call and we'll work with you.

For vintage bathrooms, modern bathroom units and friendly advice, call Preston Plumbing Supplies on

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