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Beautiful shower and tap ranges

We stock a range of shower fittings and taps from top brands including Crosswater taps and Aqualisa showers. These shower fittings and taps are simple to install and with such a huge variety of styles and products within each range, you can be sure to find something right for you.

Aqualisa showers

Our range of Aqualisa showers in Preston is extensive, spanning digital and thermal showers.


The range includes Axis showers, Quartz showers, Visage showers, Dual showers, Midas showers, 609 and 700 models, Aquatic showers, Aquarian thermo and much, much more.

Crosswater showers

•  Fixed Head Round

•  Fixed Head Square

•  Fixed Head Glide

•  Fixed Head Elite

•  Fixed Head Rio

•  Fixed Head Rio Spectrum

•  Fixed Head Rio Revive

•  Fixed Head Revive

Crosswater taps

•  Opulent range

•  Ethos Range

•  Tempo Range

•  Wisp range

•  Elise Range

•  Elan range

•  Solo Range

•  Trio Range

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